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Sports form an extremely important part of the overall educational experience that we offer to our girls. Participation in sports helps our students become a team player, develop confidence, learn self-discipline and leadership skills, and above all courage to stand up and compete. At Satluj Public School we strive to offer our students the best in class athletic programs. Our Squash, Basketball, and Badminton,volleyvall courts are certified by respective world federations.

SPS Aims To:

  •  Engage and accustom every child with the important of sports
  • Have a skill based selection at every level
  •  Have tailored program to bring out the best in each student
  •  Be closely involved with our young athletes at every level
  •  Ensure that no student is ever denied the opportunity to participate in the sport of her choice
  •  Assist each student in learning concepts and strategies that help them improve health and performance students participate in Yoga and Physical Education classes under the supervision of trained staff. Our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports using our world class and child-friendly infrastructure.


Arts form a core part of life outside the classroom at SPS. Arts discipline covers visual and performing arts and ensures each student understands and enjoys self-expression, creativity and open communication through varying approaches.

  • Celebrate the natural artist and expression in each student
  •  Support emerging talent in every form
  •  Refine and revise their skills
  •  Build a community to display and appreciate art forms and artists
  •  Celebrate cultural diversity through various mediums