Satluj Public School Ellanabad

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Admission Form 2024-25
Last Date For Admission 30-March-2024


At Satluj Public School we realize every child is special and will acclimatize differently to life  Public School at the outset. Our transitioning program is designed to help your child start enjoying life at Satluj Public School immediately. The program provides a bridge between the structure of boarding school and the structure of home. In attempting to re-create an environment similar to family life at home, transition students form a living unit and are expected to take part in group activities (such as team sports, eating together, movies, hikes, and excursions). Each student is special at Satluj Public School. From their very first day each Student is monitored and mentored by a team of individuals dedicated to ensure he has all the support he needs at every stage during the year. We strive for a collaborative culture in a small and tight- knit community. These are some examples of our approach

  1. Team activities across all disciplines
  2. Easy access for one-on-one interaction with the principal and all staff
  3. Teachers and coaches that act as guides and mentors
  4. House mothers and pastoral care team that quickly forms a special bond with each child
    • Educational and living spaces designed with the child in mind Counselors are readily available to discuss anything from the pressures of studies or sports to just feeling homesick.