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School Facilities


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader
The Satluj Public School Library supports the school’s vision of developing “confident, connected, actively involved life-long learners” through its services, collections, and programmes. Learners are at the centre of learning in the library. We give every student the opportunity to learn, to enjoy reading, and to create new knowledge and understanding in the library.

The school has a well-stocked library complete with books not only relating to the course material but also of all subjects ranging from general knowledge to science, fiction, astronomy, religion etc. We provide high quality education and an atmosphere furnished with all the necessary tools of learning.

The Book Club at Satluj Public School holds regular storytelling sessions for younger students.It also provides newspapers and magazines of international repute. We subscribe to the leading newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals from around the world that keep our students abreast with national and international events.


(Learning Management System)

Learning management systems (LMS) are used to connect students, parents and educators in the classroom. A system could allow teachers, students and parents to see their grades from home, or it could allow educators to tutor their students virtually via chat room or video chat. Although there are many different possibilities with LMS’, the purpose remains the same: bringing students and teachers together to learn.

Learning Management System is a Web-based system for training programs and information sharing between individuals giving them the flexibility to access it from their workplace or home. Authorized individuals have 24/7 access to this unique system through URL or through a unique User ID and Password.


  1. View all students schedules, assignments, and lessons.
  2. Adjust the learning schedule for students in grades Class-6 to Class-12
  3. Monitor students progress using the online grade book.
  4. Record attendance.
  5. Communicate with teachers and other families via our secure      Web Mail and message boards.

Smart Class

India like many other countries is in the midst of a paradigm shift in education driven by the technology and now Satluj Public School at Ellenabad also has introduced Smart Classes concept which is a technology driven learning system, a new method of teaching now. Teachers with the help of the Smart Classes at Satluj Public School would be empowered to teach more difficult concepts with easy clarity and students also will understand concepts in quick time as it is equipped with audio –video ,2D , 3D animations and graphics and has exhaustive repository covering all subjects. The contents are well researched and mapped as per CBSE standards. Now, at Satluj Public School, in classroom, teachers access the modules supported by a wide range of elements such as Animations, MCQs, Real Life Applications, Worksheet, Web links etc. The visual teaching gives wings to a student’s imagination. The modules are designed in teacher led format where the teachers integrate these elements with the day’s lesson plan, intervene, explain and yes, also use the chalk and blackboard as of before.


The Satluj Public  School operates a fleet of buses that play on pre-determined routes through City and nearby areas. Naturally, we insist that you or someone you trust be there in person to drop off and pick up your child from the bus stop. Our buses are regularly inspected by Quality Controllers and each bus carries a staff member with an on-board phone.Each bus is equipped with GPS system and CCTV