Middle (Grades 4-7)
Experiencing and Beyond
Middle years are the very core of any school – the formative years that leave an ever-lasting impression on the child’s mind. The middle years are also the critical period when the child might develop an enduring and joyful relationship with learning or come to view it as a detestable chore. The challenge for educators is to create the right contexts and experiences for learning that resonate in the student’s mind.

The Middle Programme curriculum at SPS has learning expeditions at its core. All learning expeditions revolve around a big idea and are inter-disciplinary. Content and skills from the Natural and Social Sciences curriculum as well as literacy skills are interwoven throughout each expedition to the maximum extent possible. It is a wholesome integrated approach that goes beyond the boundaries of subject curricula and provides multiple opportunities for the children to revisit and rework, thus creating an ethic of excellence through continuous planning, execution and reflection. Projects are an integral part of experiential learning and help children observe, reflect, analyse, synthesise and understand multiple perspectives. They empower the child to think about problems, whether social, cultural, technological or ecological, in a systemic manner and become an agent of societal change.

Expeditionary learning is a curriculum designed to promote critical thinking, skills and habits, academic achievement, and personal development through the use of in-depth investigations that engage students in community, real life projects, and service. A project brings experts into the classroom, takes students into the field, and engages students in real world learning experiences

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