Hostel Bringing Multicultural Personalities Together

At Satluj Public Boarding School, students flourish in a safe and supportive environment. Every child gets individual attention, as they would receive at home. The supporting staff at the hostel shoulders the responsibility of teaching students to become independent and instil a sense of self-respect, self-reliance and positive self-esteem.

The environment created by staff and students alike makes for an incredibly proactive place of learning in which each individual is encouraged to grow and develop within a certain framework of discipline, conduct and behaviour.

Satluj Residential School is such a unique community to be a part of. Every hostler is stationed in well-ventilated space with a comfortable bed and is encouraged to personalise their own space. The wash-rooms are clean, hygienic & equipped with modern facilities. The school serves nutritious food in its central dining hall. Other facilities include school laundry facilities, gym and an ample play area. We have developed special expertise in working with students to help them meet their fullest potential and achieve academic and personal achievement.

With enhanced security standards, we ensure to meet high standards of a gated community with 24×7 CCTV surveillance, along with a number of checkpoints and inspections.

It is a world-class residential school in true sense!

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