<strong>24th May 2020</strong>
Satluj Public School’s Students have designed a full-body disinfection chamber called Personnel Sensitization Enclosure. This walk-through enclosure is designed for personnel decontamination, one person at a time. This is a portable system equipped with sanitizers and soap dispenser.
The decontamination is started using a sensor at the entry. Upon entering the chamber, an electrically operated pump creates a disinfectant mist of sanitizer. The mist spray is calibrated for the operation of 25 secs and stops automatically indicating the completion of the operation.
As per the procedure, personnel undergoing disinfection will need to keep their eyes closed while inside the chamber. Approximately 650 personnel can pass through the chamber for disinfection until a refill is required.
The system has seen-through glass panels on sidewalls for monitoring purposes and is fitted with lights for illumination during night time operations.
The system has been manufactured within a time span of four days. This system can be used for the disinfection of personnel in the areas of controlled ingress and egress such as entry and exit to hospitals, malls, office buildings, schools and critical installations.

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